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Project Controls

The Project Control services offered @ Ria help in coordinating all the activities involved in the execution of a project. These services assume great importance in minimizing in-process cost escalations and delays caused by the mismanagement of resources and their proper use in a given time frame. Even those projects that are well planned to the last details and adequately backed up financially can easily get stuck in unseen bottlenecks without the presence of Project Control Services during the execution of a project.

Being a world class company in project management services, our project execution process is capable of verifying preparedness of the systems to pass smoothly through the critical points in the execution of a project. With our expertise at solving deadlocks and marking issues about to turn into problems, we ensure that the concerned teams are able to maintain their focus on the overall scenario, identifying priorities and activities to ensure that the project is delivered on time, within the set budget.

A brief look at our Program management services…

  • Project definition
  • Developing a realistic and complete budget
  • Schedule of planning and design phase management
  • Management information system
  • Schedule and quality control
  • Review of documents for coordination and construct-ability
  • Any of the items listed under construction management
  • The platform for monitoring project performance and expenditures.