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MD Message

Dear Friends!

It gives me great pleasure to speak with you about Ria Group, and this tremendous journey we have been involved with during the past one decade. Having set out to achieve a world-class construction company, we @ Ria are all the more geared to take a closer look at the opportunities and challenges lying ahead.

According to the latest construction industry trends in India, Planning Commission estimates the effective investment on construction industry at a massive Rs. 20,000 billion during the 12th Five Year Plan. If the current investments are omitted from the total outstanding investment on construction projects, the total required investment on construction industry still stands at around Rs. 4,200 billion during the next 4-5 years ahead.

So clearly, the real catch lies in grabbing the opportunities that are fast unfolding with the coming up of more and more infrastructure generation projects in the country. But in the wake of rising competition in this sector, and increasing presence of foreign players as well, the management @ Ria also realizes the significance of further boosting and strengthening the key aspects that have been responsible behind the steady growth of the group through these years.

Full Commitment towards On-Schedule Project Completion
Achieving successful project completions in a world of constant change is the major challenge in managing construction today.

Maximum Emphasis on using the latest Tools of Trade in carrying out Projects
The complexity of construction today, combined with the size of an owner’s investment, has magnified the importance of successful project completion.

Always strive to Deliver what we have Promised to our Clients
Dependable, predictable performance thus becomes the barometer by which a construction company is selected. In these areas Ria Constructions Ltd. has few peers.

We @ Ria have always believed that the prime reason behind all these activities is to achieve Complete Customer Satisfaction in all the projects we deliver to our clients. These 3 commandments are those unfailing lights that we have held on to in the past, even through the darkest and the stormiest nights.

Moving ahead, we are fully committed to carry out the same work ethics and policies to ensure that our deliverances are always above and beyond our clients’ expectations. And their belief in us keeps growing even bigger, as we go about delivering their projects with professionalism and expertise.


Managing Director