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Group Objective

In line with our group mission @ Ria and the enormity of what we have set out to achieve in this quest, we @ Ria are not leaving any stone unturned to keep our group mission in sight. In order to achieve its set goals, the group has already chalked out a detailed set of long-term and short-term objectives along the path.

Develop productive, cost-effective, technologically advanced, safe and reliable solutions for the Construction industry to optimize performance.

Establish a domestic and world-wide network of local suppliers for easy and economical procurement of all the construction related material .

Always keep the clients’ requirements in mind while devising customized construction solutions, and use the best resources available to provide a perfectly tailored construction design that ensures cost saving benefits in the future.

A no compromise policy to be maintained with respect to the safety of the construction, and all security measures to be taken to ensure safety for the end-users as well as the safety of workers engaged during the carrying out of construction activities at the site.