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Design Engineering
We @ RIA also pride in offering world class services related to the projects based on design engineering. We undertake comprehensive design and detail making of these projects with the help of our team of structural engineers, who have a long experience of handling these projects in the past. Utilizing all the latest techniques and an extensive use of computer generated models, our experts are able to plan out cost effective solutions without compromising even a bit on the strength of the proposed structure/project.
Critical issues like the ideal ratio of cement and reinforced steel to make the structure safe against natural calamities like earthquakes, the weight bearing capacity of the support, the areas that would need reinforcing the most to even out the load, all these aspects are most thoroughly addressed with the help of our design Engineering Services offered @ Ria.
A brief look at our Design Engineering services...
Design feasibility study
Detailed design generation using computer aided software
Functional analysis
Review of Constructional ability
Value analysis studies
Alternatives evaluation
Integrated risk analysis
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